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Interviewing Tips and 


  1. Be prepared – bring a pen.  Arrive 15 minutes early.  Always bring 2 copies of your resume and references.

  2. Be confident, professional, look your best, always be positive.  Wear your best suit or outfit.

  3. Demonstrate drive and initiative.

  4. Stress achievements, accomplishments, numbers, dollar amounts, cost savings, specifics, details, etc.

  5. Answer the questions in a direct, straight-forward manner.  Be honest.  Don’t exaggerate.  If you don’t know the answer, tell them you will be happy to find out.

  6. Be prepared to ask questions that pertain to the position you are interviewing for the company’s growth prospects, etc.  An intelligent question shows you have done your homework.

  7. Make a trial run.  Visit the restaurant, hotel, retail store, before the interview.  Do your homework.

  8. Research, learn as much as you can before the interview, check out their website.  Contact the corporate office and request an annual report.  Call people you know who work for them.

  9. Ask for the job.  Don’t be bashful.  A good sales person always asks for the sale.  A great applicant communicates his interest to the potential employer.

  10. Always send a thank you letter.  Personalize it and emphasize the points you want them to remember.


  1. Bring a cat or family member with you.  This demonstrates who calls the shots in your family and that you are a humanitarian.
  2. Answer every question with a yes or no answer.  For example, the interviewer asks you what was your biggest accomplishment.  Your reply, No!

  3. When asked what you are making, exaggerate.  Double your current salary – make a lasting impression.  When asked how much money you would like to make, be greedy.  They make too much money anyhow.  If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it.  Round off your salary to the nearest $100K.
  4. Always assume it’s casual day.  Use words like cool, dude, hip and wow!  These will also leave an impression similar to a tye-dyed shirt and jeans.
  5. Never look the interviewer straight in the face.  That way he can’t read your mind.  Stare out the window or at the floor.  Eye contact can really mess things up.
  6. Appear agitated.  People like excitement, talk real loud.  Let everyone in the office know who you are.  Foul language makes a lasting impression.
  7. Ask the receptionist out on a date.  This is highly effective if you are interviewing for a Human Resource Directors position.  They will remember you for a long time.
  8. Talk down to the interviewer.  Let them know how important you are to their company and what your stature in life is.  Make reference to your expensive clothes and your Porsche.
  9. Never fill out their application.  They will know you think out of the box – way out.  They also may catch on that you have a police record.
  10. Make up stuff.  If McDonalds’s has sold over a billion burgers, won’t they be impressed that you made over a trillion.  Tell them you started the internet (this has been used before, but you may get elected to public office).


1.  An interview is an opportunity, an exchange of ideas, an

2.  People hire based on qualifications and personality.

3.  If this is the “right” opportunity, it will work out.  If it is not, it

4.  Your past performance is an indicator of how well you will
     perform in the future.  All of us have a tendency to down 
     play our achievements.  In an interview, you must accurately
     portray your achievements and effectively communicate how
     you can do the same for your next employer.

5.  You will spend more hours awake at your next job than you will
     spend awake at home with your family and friends.