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The Search Process

How the Process Works

1.  Establishing Search Criteria

Our first step is to meet with the Hiring Authority and Human Resources Department to establish the criteria to evaluate potential candidates who meet your company's specific needs, culture and work environment. Our objective is to develop a profile of the "Right Fit" for your company.

2. Research Target Companies

Depending upon the complexity of the search, our firm will develop a list of companies which have the highest probability of employing a candidate of the caliber your company seeks. Since our firm consists of specialists within your industry, we are able to quickly identify these companies.

3. Canvassing

Our staff quickly canvasses all of the matches from our research as well as candidates from our extensive data base. The canvassing process involves extensive networking, utilizing a national network of 23 firms and key executives within your industry.

4. Candidate Interview/Matching

Our experienced staff is trained to obtain in-depth information from candidates to evaluate each candidate for work history, accomplishments, approach to management, interests, personal qualities and other criteria. We weigh this information and match this to the Search Criteria we previously established.

5. Presentation of Qualified Candidates

We present only qualified candidates who meet or exceed your requirements. Traditionally, 3 to 5 qualified candidates are presented. This is accomplished in 3 to 10 days upon acceptance of your Search Assignment.

6. Candidate/Client Interviews

Our staff coordinates all interviews. We obtain feedback throughout the process. We ensure that professional contact is maintained and that the prospective candidate's interest level is evaluated.

7. References

We contact all appropriate immediate supervisors to obtain an in-depth evaluation of each finalist. We evaluate relevant criteria specific to each position based on the original Search Criteria.

8. Negotiate and Present Offer

We are a resource to our client companies. We provide sensitive salary and benefit criteria prior to offer presentation. We assist as needed, present the offer to the selected candidate and ensure a successful completion to the search.

9. Follow-Up

Once an offer is accepted, we follow through with the candidate. This includes assistance in "giving proper notice," working as a liaison with your company and following up after the employee starts.

Our Recruitment Standards

  • We meet or exceed the standards of the National Associations of Personnel Service.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer. It is our policy that all decisions affecting employment and /or placement are made without regard to an individualís race, creed, color, religion, marital status, age, sex, national origin or other protected classifications under Federal or State law. It is the policy of Executive Referral Services, Inc., in serving our clients, to recruit and present the most qualified candidates who meet the specific needs of our clients' search requirements.
  • We are often requested to recruit candidates who reflect the diverse requirements of our clients. It is our policy to actively recruit all qualified individuals who meet our clients' needs while complying with all Federal and Local laws.
  • We do not code or maintain statistics on candidates based on any of the above criteria.
  • We have established a "Hands Off" policy for all clients for which our firm has performed search work. Simply put, we will not recruit any individual from a client for which we have completed an assignment.
  • We represent only the interest of our client companies:
  • All candidate employment records, qualifications and salary history will be reported as accurately as possible.
  • All confidential information relating to your business will only be utilized in relation to your search and will be treated appropriately.
  • References are checked at our client's request, and a written report is provided utilizing direct quotes from previous employers.
  • Confidentiality is maintained on all assignments.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest...

The industry average for mid to upper level management search is in excess of 120 days. Retained search firms complete less than 65% of their assignments. Most contingency firms complete less than 20% of their assignments. At Executive Referral Services, Inc. . . .

  • Our average assignment is completed in less than 60 days. In the majority of our assignments, we have identified the selected candidate within the first 10 days.
  • Our typical client averages 5 searches with our company per year. Our average client has been with us for over 4 years, many for over 8 years.
  • We are paid for results. We take pride in completing over 80% of contingency searches and 100% of retained searches.