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Real Estate and Construction
Candidate Profiles

Listed below are current candidates available through Executive Referral Services. For further information on these candidates who are seeking a new opportunity, please contact us at (847) 397-2000. Or, you may enter the Reference No. listed by each candidate and post on the "Contact Us" form, then submit by e-mail. We respond to all e-mail inquiries within 24 hours.

REAL ESTATE DIRECTOR - 10 years real estate management dealing with the coordination of all expansion, new projects, including turn key, conversions, lease negotiations, site concept and feasibility studies. This Manager researches, develops and evaluates all market analysis and investment opportunities for his region.  He has strong real estate abilities with emphasis in critically rating property potentials that exceed original corporate sales estimations.  He has prior real estate management experience with S&A Restaurant Group, Boston Chicken, Blockbuster Video and McDonald'sBS Degree in Real Estate Management.   #RE081009*

DIRECTOR OF CONSTRUCTION - 14 years of outstanding restaurant construction management and design experience that is second to none.  Recently completed projects for numerous nationally known restaurant chains.  Developed low-cost prototype for new unit expansion, saving his current employer over $1 million in the past year.  Designed several multiple prototypes, including preliminary implementation and value engineering.  Prior background with Cracker Barrel and Wendy's Restaurant GroupsBS Degree in Civil Engineering.  #RE081010*

DIRECTOR OF CONSTRUCTION - Over 15 years of hotel construction experience with hotels and restaurants. Experience with limited service, full service, luxury and resort water park hotel development ranging from $7 to $200 Million. Has supervised up to 7 Project Managers for a national expanding hotel company. Highly effective negotiator, trouble shooter, team builder and hands on Project Manager. His approach to construction is very deliberate, systematic with an innate attention to detail. This approach has yielded on time projects under budget with his current hotel company. BA in Engineering. Salary $126K. #RE081013*

VICE PRESIDENT OF DEVELOPMENT - “Hard charging real estate professional”, tough negotiator, understands all aspects of Hotel Real Estate.  During his 15 year hotel career, he has developed and acquired over 100 properties, been responsible for the asset management of over 400 properties.  He is very hands-on, highly analytical and has a natural ability to bring all parties together to reach mutual goals.  Inter-faces with government entities, construction, outside brokers, buyers and sellers with the highest level of integrity.  Has experience developing $5 Million to $90 Million projects throughout the US.  Base salary $110K.  #RE081001  

DIRECTOR OF CONSTRUCTION - Over 20 years of designing projects and construction management experience within the hotel industry.  Began his career building limited service hotels in the Midwest from 1981 – 1994.  He personally oversaw the construction of over 100 properties for the next 5 years, directed a staff of 30 project managers in the renovation of over 200 hotels ($250 Million).  Recently oversaw the design process of a 5-story city hotel project with a $60 Million budget for a major national chain.  Salary open.  #RE081015

PROJECT CONSTRUCTION MANAGER - 8 years of proven construction management.  Responsible for all aspects of construction for multiple concepts including all site inspections, design, and construction project management for region in the South.  Under her strong project management, she was able to complete over 11 new units for her current employer in 2000 within budget and on schedule.  She establishes budgets, coordinates designs, negotiates contracts and manages construction renovations of company-operated restaurants.  Prior experience with Burger King and McDonald's Restaurants.  #RE081002

SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER - This expert Project Manager has 14 years leadership in management of small to large construction projects. Responsible for all site inspection, design, construction and project management for company’s markets in the Midwest.  Provides guidance and technical support to the field and corporate during development, design, build-out, turnover and the renovations of new existing units.  He establishes budgets, coordinates designs and negotiates contracts.  #RE081007

VICE PRESIDENT OF DEVELOPMENT - Highly experienced real estate professional with 6+ years of acquisition, site selection, development, financing, debt structuring for two major hotel companies. Began his career in Commercial Banking. His largest and newest property development was over 1,000 rooms high rise. Has experience with hotel and condo resort and fractional ownership. Began his career as a Front Office Manager 20 years ago. BA, CPA. Salary Open. #RE081014

DIRECTOR OF FACILITIES - Responsible for managing all aspects of quality facility maintenance programs including manufacturer warranty repair issues.   A proven leader at managing national and local facilities compliance issues. This leader helped redesign new interior packages to upgrade and improve the company image and increase unit efficiency.  Manages a staff of 3 Regional Facilities Coordinators.  BS in Mechanical Engineering.  #RE081011

REGIONAL FACILITIES MANAGER - This professional manages and coordinates the repair and maintenance of over 60+ units in the South.  Reviews and assigns all requests for repair and maintenance issues.  Coordinates all unit-remodeling projects and retrofits, oversees all HVAC maintenance, building repair, preventive maintenance programs and energy management issues.  He has developed cost saving ideas including regional preventive maintenance and repair strategies and energy cost saving techniques.  Prior experience with Chili's and Red Lobster Restaurants.  BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  #RE081017

DESIGN MANAGER - This professional has 7 years of expert architectural and design expertise that is very unique in today’s restaurant industry.  He has completed over 30+ design projects in the past 2 years. He has saved this company over $1 Million in 2000 by reducing his cost per sq. ft. by 15% on new design projects and equipment layouts.  This visionary knows how to maximize square footage in new store layout.  A strong designer has a complete understanding of CADD #14-2000.  #RE081012

PROJECT CONSTRUCTION MANAGER - This expert Project Manager has 10 years proven leadership in construction management.  This PM is responsible for all site inspection, construction and project management for his company in the Midwest.  Provides guidance and technical support to the field and corporate operations during development, design, construction and the renovations of new existing units.  He establishes budgets, coordinates negotiates with outside vendors and manages construction contracts with General Contractors and subs.  Past experience with TGI Friday's, Boston Market and Wendy's.  BS Degree in Construction Management.  #RE081016

DIRECTOR OF CONSTRUCTION - 16 years of proven construction management.  Under his leadership, his construction department built 20+ new units for his current employer in 2000.  He oversees all new and remodel construction issues, design equipment layouts and R&M management.  He is known for his ability to develop teamwork among Designers, Contractors and Architects.  Maintains a constant flow of information regarding all current construction projects informing executives and operations the status of projects in process. Saved his company over $2.25 million cost YTD.  BS Degree in Construction Management.  #RE081005

STAFF ARCHITECT - This Architect has 8 years of design and layout experience. This talented leader is an individual who can design any concept to fit well in the confining space. She developed strong alliances including all outside consultants and vendors outsourcing of new market development areas.  New design of units in the past 2 years have seen a 20% increase in unit sales.  Prior Architectural experiences with AFC Enterprises and a nationally recognized design firm.  BS in Architecture.  #RE081003

PROJECT CONSTRUCTION MANAGER - 9 years of proven restaurant construction management experience.  This Project Manager is responsible for all aspects of construction, for both new and remodel programs.  He remodeled over 15 existing units and built 20 new units for his current employer in the past 3 years.  This professional oversees all design, construction build-outs and equipment layouts for this group in the South.  Prior background with Carlson and Brinker InternationalBS Degree in Construction Management.  #RE081004

DIRECTOR OF ARCHITECTURE/DESIGN - 15 years of successful Architectural design experience in both the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries.  This Director has the strong belief that all units are built first for the customers and then for the company.  This design expert professional offers realistic unit functionality combined with the ability to interject creative styling into the conceptual design process.  This Architect designed and developed several prototypes, including preliminary implementation drawings and the master blueprints.  #RE081006

CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER - Nine years of hotel project management experience. Projects have ranged from a 500 room Marriott, a condo resort, 50 acre project to a variety of limited service and extended stay properties. Manages all aspects of the hotel construction process. Manages Architects, Designers and Site Engineers. Interacts with franchisors, owners and all governmental agencies. Has managed projects from Connecticut to Florida to California. Highly computer literate, proficient in auto cad, travels extensively. Salary $85K. #RE081008